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Homocysteinemia is Associated with Frailty and Biomechanical Response of the CNS in NPH-suspected Patients

Accepted in Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences
S. Guillotin, A. Vallet, S. Lorthois, P. Cestac, E. Schmidt, N. Delcourt

Biomechanical response of the CNS is associated with frailty in NPH-suspected patients

Journal of Neurology
Alexandra Vallet, Natalia Del Campo, Emiel Hoogendijk, Armelle Lokossou, Olivier Balédent, Zofia Czosnyka, Laurent Balardy, Pierre Payoux, Pascal Swider, Sylvie Lorthois, Eric Schmidt
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Spherical strong-shock generation for shock-ignition inertial fusion

Physics of Plasmas, 22(5): 056310, 2015
Theobald, W. and Nora, R. and Seka, W. and Lafon, M. and Anderson, K. S. and Hohenberger, M. and Marshall, F. J. and Michel, D. T. and Solodov, A. A. and Stoeckl, C. and Edgell, D. H. and Yaakobi, B. and Casner, A. and Reverdin, C. and Ribeyre, X. and Shvydky, A. and Vallet, A. and Peebles, J. and Beg, F. N. and Wei, M. S. and Betti, R.
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Transient effects in unstable ablation fronts and mixing layers in HEDP

Physica Scripta, 91(7): 074005, 2016
J-M Clarisse and S Gauthier and L Dastugue and A Vallet and N Schneider
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Gigabar Spherical Shock Generation on the OMEGA Laser

Physical Review Letters, 114(4), 2015
Nora R, Theobald W, Betti R, Marshall FJ, Michel DT, Seka W, Yaakobi B, Lafon M, Stoeckl C, Delettrez J, Solodov AA, Casner A, Reverdin C, Ribeyre X, Vallet A, Peebles J, Beg FN, Wei MS.
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Physics of laser-plasma interaction for shock ignition of fusion reactions

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 58(1): 014018, 2015
V T Tikhonchuk, A Colaïtis, A Vallet, E Llor Aisa, G Duchateau, Ph Nicolaï and X Ribeyre
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Finite Mach number spherical shock wave, application to shock ignition

Physics of Plasmas, 20: 082702, 2013
A Vallet, X Ribeyre and V Tikhonchuk
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Simulation of normal pelvic mobilities in building an MRI-validated biomechanical model

International Urogynecology Journal, 24(1): 105—112, 2013
M Cosson,C Rubod , A Vallet, JF Witz, P Dubois and M Brieu
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