Finite Mach number spherical shock wave, application to shock ignition

A Vallet, X Ribeyre and V Tikhonchuk
Physics of Plasmas, 20: 082702, 2013

A converging and diverging spherical shock wave with a finite initial Mach number Ms0 is described by using a perturbative approach over a small parameter Ms2. The zeroth order solution is the Guderley’s self-similar solution. The first order correction to this solution accounts for the effects of the shock strength. Whereas it was constant in the Guderley’s asymptotic solution, the amplification factor of the finite amplitude shock Λ(t)dUs/dRs now varies in time. The coefficients present in its series form are iteratively calculated so that the solution does not undergo any singular behavior apart from the position of the shock. The analytical form of the corrected solution in the vicinity of singular points provides a better physical understanding of the finite shock Mach number effects. The correction affects mainly the flow density and the pressure after the shock rebound. In application to the shock ignition scheme, it is shown that the ignition criterion is modified by more than 20% if the fuel pressure prior to the final shock is taken into account. A good agreement is obtained with hydrodynamic simulations using a Lagrangian code.