Short Biography

I am a multi-disciplinary researcher with a deep background in physics and neuroscience. I believe that fundamental laws of physics and mathematical models will provide breakthroughs in our understanding and management of dementia in the same way as it transformed other fields, such as meteorology or aerospace, decades ago.

I studied fluid and solid mechanics in a graduate engineering school and obtained a PhD in high energy density physics. I worked in a semi industrial context as the principal investigator for experimental campaigns on the Laser Megajoule facility (permanent position at the CEA – France). I coordinated work from several teams and used complex multi-physics, multi-code simulations to both design and interpret experiments reproducing ‘mini stars’ in the laboratory.

A fruitful encounter with neurosurgeon Eric Schmidt convinced me that current mathematical modelling capabilities, combined with existing neuroimaging technologies, provide an unprecedented opportunity to better understand brain ageing. Since 2018, I have immersed myself in neuroscience. I developed several modelling tools to predict fluid dynamics, solid deformation and fluid-structure interaction in the brain and demonstrated the potential of my transdisciplinary approach. I am now building an interdisciplinary research project about the mechanical determinants of neurodegeneration .

Research experience



The core of  my research project relies on an original interdisciplinary approach to brain aging combining mechanical and clinical approaches.

  • 2018-present Biomechanical approach of brain aging

    ALZHEIMER'S PHYSICS RCN funded post-doctoral fellow at Mathematics department, University of Oslo - Oslo NO
    BRAINMICROFLOW ERC funded post-doctoral fellow at IMFT - Toulouse FR
    FLUIBRAIN post-doctoral fellow at INSERM ToNIC - Toulouse FR

  • 2014-2017 High energy density physics - Megajoule Laser facility

    CEA - Paris
    Semi-private research project - confidencial

  • 2011-2013 Hydrodynamics of inertial confinement fusion

    CELIA Bordeaux & LLE Rochester
    PhD project

  • 2011 Instabilities in inertial confinement fusion

    CEA - Paris
    Master 2 project

  • 2010 FE simulation of pelvic mobilities

    INSERM U703 / École Centrale de Lille LML-UMR 8107
    Master 1 project

Selected Publications

For a complete list of publications, please follow the link bellow or see my CV.

Homocysteinemia is Associated with Frailty and Biomechanical Response of the CNS in NPH-suspected Patients

Accepted in Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences
S. Guillotin, A. Vallet, S. Lorthois, P. Cestac, E. Schmidt, N. Delcourt

Assessment of Pressure-Volume Index During Lumbar Infusion Study: What Is the Optimal Method?

Acta Neurochir Suppl. 2021;131:335-338.
Alexandra Vallet , Laurent Gergelé , Emmanuel Jouanneau , Eric A Schmidt , Romain Manet
Publisher's website

Biomechanical response of the CNS is associated with frailty in NPH-suspected patients

Journal of Neurology
Alexandra Vallet, Natalia Del Campo, Emiel Hoogendijk, Armelle Lokossou, Olivier Balédent, Zofia Czosnyka, Laurent Balardy, Pierre Payoux, Pascal Swider, Sylvie Lorthois, Eric Schmidt
Publisher's website

Selected Awards

Merit award

2010 – Award for my study in biomechanics (INSERM, EC Lille) – 4000€

Oscar waquet prize

2011 – Award for being first ranked at the Ecole des Mines de Douai school – 2500 €

Best poster award

2012 – Fusion Science Center Award for Excellence in Poster Presentation

Best poster award

2014 – European Physical Society best poster award