Alexandra Vallet


Understanding the brain's response to intracranial change of volumes trough intracranial pressure analysis

We are thrilled to announce the publication of our review paper, “Analysis of intracranial pressure pulse waveform in studies on cerebrospinal compliance,” in the Physiological Measurement journal. This paper serves as a comprehensive guide for both researchers and clinicians interested in understanding how the brain responds to changes in intracranial volumes. Read the full paper here. Vascular pulsations and CSF coupling With each vascular pulsation, the dilation of intracranial vessels pu...

Vasomotion during sleep and transport in the brain

How do specific vascular dynamics during sleep affect solute transport in the brain? Thanks to amazing interdisciplinary team efforts, our paper is out in Nature communications ! Sleep has been shown to enhance brain clearance both in mice and humans, but the precise reason for this is unknown. The motion of vascular walls is suspected to be the main player here but so far, observations have been done mainly during non-natural sleep and at the surface of the brain only. Thankfully, Laura h...