Alexandra Vallet

External collaborations

Numerical modelling

Kent Andre Mardal Kent Andre Mardal Professor Miroslav Kuchta Miroslav Kuchta Researcher Timo Koch Timo Koch Postdoctoral researcher

Biomechanics and porous media

Pascal Swider Pascal Swider Professor Sylvie Lorthois Sylvie Lorthois Directeur de recherche CNRS


Alain Goriely Alain Goriely Professor


Eric Schmidt Eric Schmidt Neurosurgeon MD PhD Romain Manet Romain Manet Neurosurgeon MD PhD


Laura Bojarskaite Laura Bojarskaite Postdoctoral researcher Rune Enger Rune Enger Associate Professor


Natalia Delcampo Natalia Delcampo Project manager / Researcher Tone Berge Tone Berge Associate professor



Jose Ramon Camacho Jose Ramon Camacho Master student SUPAERO Alice Hamon Alice Hamon Master student in biomechanics Anders Bredesen Hatlelid Anders Bredesen Hatlelid Master student University of Oslo


PhD students / Post Doctoral Researcher

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